Singapore COVID-19 Cases - Total - Recovered/Discharged - Hospitalized - ICU - Death* -

From arrival or first known possible contact/symptom to confirmed infection
Case#) Age Sex Nationality (Address & other info)
Thank you all for the past support. There will not be further updates to this chart as MOH has stopped releasing detailed case information, including recovered cases on 29 Apr 2020.

The details released by Ministry of Health (MOH) since 18 Mar 2020 does not contain dates for sympomatic, hospitalization, travel, no place of work or stay as well. Thus, making the chart less meaningful.

Arrival to confirmed

Local, Known Links

Known links to imported case, affected countries and regions contact.

Local, No Known Links

No known links back to any imported case, affected countries and regions contact. Start dates pegged to first symptom in cluster/links.


#3381, #4754, #8190 died due to other causes.
(these are counted as discharged/recovered by MOH)

Local, No Known Links (Standalone)

Standalone cases without any other links

Travel (hover for details)

For cases announced starting from 1 March

Recovered/Discharged Date

Other Icons:
9 Chinese New Year gathering on 25 Jan

Connects and clusters. Article
#8,#9 #83,#91 #66

Mass religious gathering at Malaysia mosque with subsequent confirmed cases
Other Statistics:
Average to Confirmed : days
Average Confirmed to : days

Bars with bottom right cut out indicate clinic, polyclinic, hospital consultations prior to final hospital/NCID admission. Percentages are calculated against total cases. Darker bars are just for counting fives.

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Data source: Ministry of Health, Singapore
Chart by @hokxela